Flammifer has an experience of many years on the Croatian and foreign markets; cooperating with many Croatian and international companies, it tries to find the best solutions for every buyer. In our production, we use high quality machines and latest generation technology (CNC scissors, hydraulic presses, MIG and MAG method TIG welding machines and various material cutting and bending machines). In our own project office, our experts successfully face numerous challenges daily.

We have a developed quality, health
and occupational safety management system as well as an environmental protection system, which we can prove with numerous awards and international ISO and OHSAS certificates. It has to be noted that a large majority of our products are produced exclusively in Croatia, of which we are exceptionally proud, and with which we try to contribute to the local community as well as to the entire economy and the satisfaction of our buyers.


Flammifer d.o.o. is a private owned company, founded in Ozalj in 1993. The company is dealing with production of fire engines and commercial vehicles, cisterns for the transport of drinking water, containers and trailers for transporting equipment in rescuing during natural disasters, aluminium intervention boats and flood rescue boats, command and communication vehicles and a series of other aluminium and steel products and structures. It currently has about 70 employees who are being continuously educated and trained in Croatia and abroad.

On the total surface of 20,000 m 2, there are the production plant, a large thermos thermal paintbrush for painting vehicles and own design office. An expansion of production capacities by constructing an additional production plant is planned. With its experience of many years on the Croatian and foreign markets and with the quality and innovativeness of its products, Flammifer tries to contribute to the improvement and modernisation of fire service, defence and fire protection and protection against other natural disasters in the Republic of Croatia.


Since the company was established in 1993, it engaged in dedicated production and production of guns and rocket launchers; since 2003, it started producing fire engines and upgrades. Cooperating with numerous fire brigade units, it tries to get included in improving the equipment of fire brigade units, which selflessly expose their lives to danger in the fight against fire and other disasters. The firefighting business in Croatia is almost unthinkable without Flammifer today. In 2007, Flammifer started producing commercial upgrades, in particular vans and various upgrades for transport of beverage with or without hydraulic loading ramps. Other types of upgrades are also offered for road freight vehicles: refrigerator cars, hydraulic loaders, tanks for the transport of fresh fish etc. We produce also different structures made of inox, aluminium and black steel with the possibility of producing hot galvanising or lacquering surface protection pursuant to the buyers’ requests.

The ship programme and communication systems started to be offered in 2010. In 2015, the first aluminium rescue boats were delivered of which Flammifer is exceptionally proud. We have worked until today on advancing the technical features and efficiency of the basic boat models and we offer a large choice of boats with various purposes and technical characteristics. The most recently produced models are the FFB 795 hydrographic research boat, a multi-purpose FFB 640 RPA boat with a ramp for rescuing and transportation of various goods, lighter trailers or people and an improved version of the FFB 500 VM water-jet lawn mower. For the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, we have produced and delivered multi-functional vehicles for increased supervision of the state border and inspection vehicles equipped with special purpose devices and office communication equipment.