At FLAMMIFER, as leading manufacturer of firefighting superstructures and equipment in Croatia and EX YU, we provide all types of firefighting superstructures and vehicles, communication systems, containers and equipment for disasters and aluminium rescue boats for rescue in floods.

Our products have good price and superior quality (580+ satisfied clients), which can meet customers various demands, and thanks to huge product-specific know-how, excellent product development and great innovative power, we provide our customers high security at times when they needed.

We are currently operating in markets located in Croatia and EX YU and are excited to be expanding our reach to your area through partners.

At this moment, we are looking for a reliable partner in your country (dealers, distributors) with a built market position and experience in the import, distribution and sale of firefighting equipment and we are ready to offer a quality cooperation and distribution agreement, complete sales, logistics and development support, excellent financial conditions, etc.

If we are in the same market industry and offer similar products it is reasonable to discuss how we can work together to better serve your customer base.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail to discuss our needs and your possibility and questions you may have regarding this.

Don’t miss out a chance to become our business partner in your country  – let us know If you are interested in business cooperation with us.


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