• Communication and command vehicles designed according customer’s request and needs.
  • Possibility of installation of various equipment according to customer’s request.


  • Signal jammers
  • Intelligence signal interception
  • Monitoring of RF spectrum from 20 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Direction finding of the sources of electromagnetic field
  • Visualization using geospatial dana of vehicle location and direction of the source, with use of two or more vehicles is possible to locate the source
  • Military/civil use
  •  Armoured or non armoured
  • Reconnaisance/control cameras
  •  Headquarter/office communication equipment
  • Vehicle completely energetically autonomous on the field, electric generator installed, possibility of external power source as well
  • Equipment installed on a type of a vehicle according to customer’s request
  • Thermal and sound insulation for greater work comfort and safety

Reference list

  • Croatian Ministry of the Interior
  • Croatian Ministry of Defence
  • Croatian Directorate for Safety and Protection


EN – FF MCVL 12 – Communication