FF TF 1000

  • Flammifer FF T – 1000 is an industrial firefighting trailer with 2 axels and a foam tank
  • It is suitable for fire extinguishing in industrial areas
  • The trailer is equipped with a portable firefighting pump foam tank and normal pressure hose reel
  • Commonly used in the oil industry, gas plants, and the chemical industry
  • It is used for fires class A, B, C


  • Stainless steel tank (W. br. 1.4571) – 1000 liters capacity
  • Stainless steel tank painted in firefighting red (RAL 3000)
  • Monitor 2400 l/min
  • Self-priming nozzle, 1-6%
  • Monitor has range up to 52 m
  • Pipeline connection of the tank, monitor, and self-priming nozzle
  • Connects to an existing hydrant network
  • Foam liquid Flamark MABO


  • Hot galvanized chassis
  • Tandem axle 2700 kg with a friction brake, soft suspension design with leaf springs
  • Trailer GVW 2700 kg
  • Manual mechanical brake for all wheels
  • Complete signalization
  • Trailer dimensions: length 4000 mm
  • Trailer dimensions: width 2100 mm



EN – FF TF 1000