FF AC 8000/10000

  • Flammifer FF AC 8000/10 000 is a tanker truck for drinking water transport either as a support firefighting vehicle or a utility vehicle for drinking water distribution
  • Tank capacity is 8.000 or 10.000 litres. It is equipped with a pump for water flow 1.000-3.000 l7min at 10 bar pressure
  • In the firefighting version, there is the possibility of installation of a suction pump for suction of water from an external source “STORZ A” type of connector and a turret.
  • In a utility version, sprinkles for road washing can be installed on the front side of a vehicle. Sprinkles are controlled by a driver in a cabin.

Download ENTVV30 datasheet


  • Water tank capacity 8.000-10.000 litres made from stainless steel certified for drinking water transport


  •  Maximum permissible mass 16 t (8000 l) – 18 t (10000
  • Wheelbase 3200-3600 m
  •  Power 240-340 HP
  • Cabin for 3 people


  • Medium pressure pump: FPN 10-1000 – FPN 10-3000
  • Control panel
  • Water draining taps
  • Ladders for access to the roof


  • High-pressure rapid invention hose reel 25 m in length with high-pressure water nozzle
  • Storage containers
  • Water suction device for installation on pump
  • Turret mounted on the top of the tank, foldable with manual control engine’s RPM
  • Light and sound signalization
  • Work LED lighting on the side and rear of the vehicle
  • Sprinkles for rod washing
  • Multitone firefighting siren with a speaker

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