• Flammifer FF TLF 2000 is a small rescue pumper, 7t GVW, with a short cabin for up to 3 crew members
  • It is intended for fire extinguishing in towns and cities with highly inaccessible narrow streets where its width of 2.10 m comes to the fore
  • The fire engine is equipped with a fire extinguishing pump of normal pressure, one rapid intervention hose reel, a normal pressure water/foam nozzle, a 2000 litres water tank and a 200 litres foam tank located in the central part of the fire engine’s superstructure
  • Complete superstructure is made of light material (aluminium)
  • Two aluminium roller shutters with a bar lock on each side of the vehicle
  • On the back side door or roller shutter with a bar lock
  • Internal superstructure LED Lighting is turned on during the opening of the superstructure
  • LED lighting of the surroundings, laterally and back
  • Easy removal of firefighting equipment and its large transparency
  • Heavier equipment fitted low and easily accessible


  • Iveco Daily 70C18 4×2 EURO 6
  • Short cab for 3 crew members (1+2)
  • Wheelbase: 3450 mm
  • Engine power: 180 HP/132kW
  • Dimensions of the vehicle: L x W x H: 6170 x 2100 x 2650 mm
  • GWV: 7.000 kg

Firefighting Equipment

  • 2000 L water tank and 200 L foaming agent tank made of PE-HD
  • Normal-pressure pump type: FPN 10-1000
  • Rapid intervention hose reel of 25 m in length with electrical reeling and water/foam nozzle
  • Ladders for roof access to superstructure
  • Brackets for firefighting equipment defined by the client


  • Signalization of the vehicles according to regulations for firefighting vehicles
  • LED Signal light bar on the roof of the vehicle
  • Two LED flashlights on the front and the back of the vehicle
  • Multi-tonal fire siren with PA system
  • Setup for installation of radio
  • All the main signs on the client’s language
  • All other signalization according to national regulations


  • High-pressure module with the pump capacity 42l/100bar powered by petrol engine, 14HP/10,2kW, with electrical and manual ignition. Equipped with high-pressure hose reel with hose 13 mm in diameter and 60 m in length, with electrical reeling, foam mixing device 1-6% within the pump and automatic accelerator
  • Light mast with 2 or 4 LED reflectors and pneumatic extraction
  • Rescue winch


EN – FF TLF 2000-200 4×4 – IVECO