FF FCN 6900

Due to the damage of electric vehicles, there is a high risk of re-ignition as a result of overheating of the battery even 24-48 hours after the intervention and extinguishing of the fire.
The container is used for storing and active/passive monitoring of damaged or suspicious electric vehicles for 72 hours, as well as timely intervention with localizing and suppressing a new fire if needed.
After the expiration of the quarantine, the vehicle is considered safe for further operations

Download FF FCN 6900 datasheet


External dimensions (mm) approx. 6900 X 2550 X 2100 (L x W x H)
Internal dimensions (mm) approx. 5250 x 2400 (L x W)
Volume approx. 21 m3
Compatibility with a hooklift system Yes
Equipment compartments 2 pcs
Monitoring active / passive monitoring (24/7)


In accordance with DIN 30722
Additional side reinforcements Yes
Base frame made of INP180
Steel rollers Ø300 mm
Floor sheets / side sheets 4 mm / 3 mm
Hook height (from the floor) 1570 m

Main characteristics

  • Complete water immersion system (B-Storz connection)
  • Compatibility with a hook loader
  • The possibility of loading the damaged vehicle with a winch or with a crane, depending on the situation
  • A sealed chamber that prevents the leakage of potentially harmful substances
  • Possibility of controlled and safe discharge of water into the waste container
  • 2 equipment compartments with aluminum roller shutters and a bar lock
  • Easily accessible and transparent firefighting equipment


  • Electrical rescue winch
  • ‘sprinkler’ system (bottom + side nozzles)
  • Water pump
  • Power generator
  • LED lights
  • Smoke and flame detectors
  • Thermal camera
  • Fire alarm system
  • Automatic active monitoring system 24/7