Flammifier rescue training equipment

With the trainings module all heavy rescue scenarios can be practiced easily and efficiently.
It can be trasnported to any location with the existing and available vehicles because it is designed to be a mobile system.
The training module is an excellent addition to the simulated technical trainings which demands much more organisation and are quite expensive to facilitate
Now it is possible to practice rescue scenarios continuously anywhere
It also makes it also very highly suitable for recruits in their daily practice.
It conforms to all relevant EN standards


Download FFR_TM1_ENG datasheet


Size (mm) 6058 x 2438 x 2591
Max. Weight 3000 kg
Number of main training scenarios > 10
Number of ISO and EN certificates 10


  • Mobile system, equipped with corner cubes (BDF system) on bottom and top
  • Can be transported by Fork lift, as a standard 20 feet container and possible to lift by crane
  • An Subframe Hooklift ASSY is also optionally available to be lifted with a Hook Arm Lift on vehicle.
  • All Heavy rescue scenarios can be practiced very simple; such as stabilizing doors, windows, roof or lift scenarios, Trench rescue, Wall Support and Rope Rescue with Tripod, Bipod and Monopod.
  • Optionally also possible to train rescue actions from confined spaces with using obstacles in tunnel and concrete drilling/cutting.
  • The training module can also be placed on a vehicle or other object to practice a heavy traffic accident scenario.
  • The unit is robust and long lasting being a welded steel construction, finished with a Coating which can be even customized with requested colour additionally.
  • Practice various lifting/shoring/rope rescue scenarios
  • Welded steel construction painted in green
  • Equipment box with side panels L+R, lockable
  • Corner cubes located on botom of modul for BDF transport
  • Corner cubes located on top that are used for lifting with crane
  • Several different rectangular frames, located on the left side of the module (for support training)
  • Square frames of different dimensions and shapes, beveled sides, located on the right side of the module (as a collapsed window or door) – 4 pieces
  • Sloping construction suitable for walking, covered with an anti-slip mesh and removable cover, located on the front half of the module (intended for work on slopes and depths)
  • The top of the container is suitable for walking, covered an anti-slip net and with 3 removable lids for training on heights, in the depths and in the trench (channel)
  • Horizontal center of the container, is covered with anti-slip mesh and with 3 removable covers for trench / channel training (support for training and lowering into the trench / channel)
  • The Fold-down wall with locking system and with fall protection, located at the back of the module (for wall support training)
  • In accordance with the EN and ISO norms: ISO 9001:2015;ISO 14001:2015;ISO 45001:2018;EN ISO 3834-2; ISO 4063; EN ISO 9606-1:2017;EN ISO 9606-2:2004; EN ISO 15614-1:2017;EN 349:1993+A1:2008; EN 614-1:2006+A1:2008;EN 1837:1999+A1:2009;EN ISO 14159:2008;
  • Additional color according to customer’s wishes request.