FF TLF 2500 DC


  • Flammifer FF TLF 2500 is a rescue pumper, with a crew cab for up to 7 crew members.
  • It is intended for extinguishing from smaller towns to larger cities and also extinguishing fires in open spaces. Its short wheelbase and its overall length reduce the turning radius and make it easier to operate the vehicle in narrow surroundings.
  • The fire engine is equipped with a fire extinguishing pump of normal and high pressure, one high-pressure rapid intervention hose reel, a high-pressure water/foam nozzle, and a 2500 litres water tank located in the central part of the fire superstructure.
  • Complete superstructure is made of light material (aluminium)
  • Three aluminium roller shutters with a bar lock on each side of the vehicle
  • On the back side door or roller shutter with a bar lock
  • Internal superstructure LED lighting is turned on during the opening of the superstructure
  • LED lighting of the surroundings, laterally and back
  • Easy removal of firefighting equipment and its large transparency
  • Heavier equipment fitted low and easily accessible


  • Renault D15-250-E6-4×2-DC
  • Crew cab for 7 crew members (1+2+4)
  • Wheelbase: 3800 mm
  • Engine power: 250HP / 184kW
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 6300 x 2450 x 2950 mm
  • GVW: 15.000 kg

Firefighting Equipment

  • 2500 L water tank made of PE-HD
  • Normal and high-pressure pump type: FPN 10-2000, FPH 40-250
  • High-pressure rapid intervention hose reel of 60 or 80 m in length with electrical reeling and high-pressure water/foam nozzle
  • Ladders for roof access to superstructure
  • Brackets for firefighting equipment defined by the client


  • Signalization of the vehicle according to the regulations for firefighting vehicles
  • LED Signal light bar on the roof of the vehicle
  • Two LED flashlights on the front and the back of the vehicle
  • Multi – tonal fire siren with PA system
  • Setup for radio
  • All the main signs on the client’s language
  • All other signalization according to national regulations


  • Light mast with 4 LED reflectors and pneumatic extraction
  • Roof turret: capacity of 1,600 lit./min, mounted on the roof of the superstructure, foldable with manual control of engine’s RPM
  • Second HP rapid intervention hose reel with 60 or 80 m of hose
  • NP rapid intervention hose reel with 25 m of hose
  • Rescue winch


EN – FF TLF 2500 DC