FF TLF 2500 WF 4×4

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 6C18 4×4

Download ENTVV18 datasheet


Additional information

Water tank capacity (l)



FPN 10-1500, FPH 40-250




3 (1+2)

Engine power (kW/KS)


GVW (t)


Equipment compartments (quantity)


Vehicle Dimensions (mm)

5775 x 2100 x 2750

Chasis description

Chassis (brand, type) Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 6C18 4×4
Engine power (kW/KS) 129/175
Wheelbase (mm) 3415
Crew 3 (1+2)
GVW (t) 7,5
Dimensions of the vehicle LxWxH (mm) 5775x2100x2750
Drive 4×4

Basic firefighting equipment

Water tank capacity/foam (l) 2500/0
External water tank
Water/foam tank material: PPC
Firefighting pump EN 1028, normal pressure FPN 10-1500
Firefighting pump EN 1028, high pressure FPH 40-250
Automatic vacuum device
Rapid intervention hose reel with nozzle and electrical reeling
High pressure rapid intervention hose reel hose length (m): 60/80/120
Firefighting equipment brackets
Ladders for superstructure roof access


Regulated firefighting signalization
LED signal light bar on the roof of the vehicle
LED flashlights on the front and rear of the vehicle (quantity) 2+2
Multi-tonal fire siren with PA system
Set-up for installation of the radio
All main signs in the client’s language
Visual appearance according to client’s request


Superstructure material Alu/PPC
Lateral equipment compartments with side door or roller shutter with a bar lock (quantity): 2
Rear equipment compartments with side door or roller shutter with a bar lock
Automatic internal LED lightning of the compartments
LED lighting of the surroundings, laterally and rear
Well arranged and easily accessable firefighting equipment
Heavier equipment fitted low and easily accessible


High-pressure module with pump (42l/100 bar) with high pressure hose reel length 60/80/120 m including electrical reeling, powered by petrol engine 10,2 kW, electrical and manual ignition, foam mixing device 1-6% and automatic accelerator
Front rescue winch
Additional high pressure rapid intervention hose reel 60/80/120 m
Other options according to client’s request