FF – PP 1.2 – Sandbag filling machine

  • FLAMMIFER FF-PP 1.2 is a simple designed and robust sandbag fi lling machine which is used for protection of areas and property in flooded areas and other crisis
  • This highly efficient machine fills bags quickly and fully excludes shovels
  • Made entirely from steel.
  • Sand dosing toward the outlets is performed by worm transporters with a sand mixer. Worm transporters are driven by a hydro motor and a chain. Filling is activated
  • Outlets for sand filling are made in a way to protect the operator from a head injury during bag filling
  • Platform on which bags rest during fi lling is made of a 4 mm zinc coated wire profi le with a possibility of vertical adjustment
  • Bag dimensions: 600×400 mm and 500×400 mm
  • Protective grid above worm transporters.
  • Metal folding protection from overfi lling and decanting, 600 mm
  • Mesh protection of the drive motor on all four sides
  • Protective cover above drive motor which disables sand to enter into rotating motor parts
  • Telescopic stabilizers for levelling and additional safety during work, max. span 2000×2400 mm
  • Machine is suitable for manipulation with a forklift on its all four sides
  • LED light for the working area, charged from the machine’s motor, independent of outer charging (5 lights)

Tehnical Characteristics

  • Dimensions l/w/h: 2300/1200/1900 mm.
  • Volume of filling funnel: 1,2 m3, made of steel 52.3, thickness 3 mm.
  • Metal protector from sand spilling, foldable, height 600 mm.
  • Filling capacity: 1600 bags/h.
  • Possibility of filling bags dimensions 600 x 400 and 500 x 400.
  • Conic sand outlet, 4 pieces
  • Sand dosing system performed by worm transporters with a sand mixer
  • Worm transporter drive by a chain driven hydro motor
  • Protective cover above worm transporters
  • Manual activation of filling
  • Platform for easier bag filling made made of a 4 mm zinc coated wire profi le with a possibility of vertical
  • Gasoline motor for drive, power 11,5 KS, 4 stroke, air cooled, fixed with elastic rubber straps
  • Variable type pump
  • Reservoar for hydraulic oil, oil level checking glass
  • Control valve for worm transporter and sand mixer
  • STOP switch
  • LED light for lightning of working area (4 filling places and a controller light)-charged from drive
  • Color: RAL 2011 – orange
  • Additional equipment: 4 wooden impregnated mats dim. 400×400 mm
  • Gasoline reservoar 10 lit.


Machine for sewing sandbags with a platform Siruba AA6

  • Voltage 220 V
  • Portable sewing machine
  • Sewing machine mass 5,5 kg
  • Sewing speed, 1700 stiches/minute
  • Automatic greasing mechanism
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Suitable for sewing all kinds of textile bags
  • Elastic sewer holder
  • Spare needle: 2 pieces
  • Thread 5000 m
  • Portable unit with platform for bags,
    dim. l/w/h: 940/500/2100 mm
  • Unit made of steel profiles
  • Dismountable sewer machine holder
  • Height of platform 500 mm
  • Zinc coated



EN – FF – PP 1.2


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