FF B 640 RPA F

  • Flammifer firefighting boat 640 F-RPA are specifically designed and equipped for fire/rescue missions
  • They are able to respond rapidly and suppress fires in marinas, shoreside warehoused, commercial ports at the sea
  • The monitor orates 360 degrees and has a vertical movement of 90 to 45 degrees horizontal and reach of up to 45 m
  • A firefighting boat is a specialized watercraft with firefighting pump and monitor designed for again fire in shoreline, shipboard fires, fires in harbors, marinas, coasts in areas which are accessible only from the seaside
  • It is suitable for extinguishing forest fires where it is only possible to approach the coast
  • The boat can be used to extinguish forest fire in oil stores in the marinas
  • Deck space of the boat is free to rescue the injured people, things. The boat is equipped with a fire pump, firefighting monitor and foam container built into the bottom of the boats self-priming nozzle 1-6%

Tehnical Characteristics

  • Hull length: 6,20 m
  • width: 2,32 m
  • Boat height without bow rails: 1,23 m
  • Boat mass (without engine and pump): 900 kg
  • capacity: 9 people
  • engine power: 80 HP (long shaft)


  • Possibility of adaptation to the specifical needs of the fire brigade
  • Construction material: aluminium alloy for shipbuilding
  • Buoyancy chambers on bow and stern which guarantee unsinkability
  • Boat’s deck and bottom are made of slip resistant corrugated sheet metal
  • Safety fence along the boat enables better protection of people who is transported
  • It is intended for work on the coast
  • Pump suitable for sea water
  • RPA – bowlift on front side with load capacity 400 kg
  • Enables easier loading of people, equipment, machines
  • Additional purpose is safe injured people from the sea




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