FF B 1100 E-SOL

  • FF B 1100 E-SOL is an ecological, economical and energy sufficient catamaran with an electrical propulsion and integrated solar top.
  • It is intended for passenger transport.
  • Electrical propulsion creates unique experience of sailing in silence, without any noise or vibrations with ZERO emission of harmful gases into the environment.
  • Two electrical motors propulsion and batteries powered by using solar collectors located on the hardtop and/or directly from electrical network.
  • There is s skipper’s cabin on the bow with all the necessary equipment installed
  • Capacity of the transport: 50 passengers (48 passengers + 2 skippers)
  • There are descending ramps on the both sides which enable easy entrance and exit of passengers, as well as wheelchairs and baby carriages.

Tehnical Characteristics

  • Hull length: 11 m
  • Width: 4 m
  • Capacity: 50
  • Recommended engine power: 2×12 / 2×10 kW
  • Solar panels power: approx. 5 kW
  • Batteries capacity: 86,4 kWh


  • Construction material: aluminium alloy for shipbuilding (AlMg4,5; H111)
  • Skipper’s cabin with seats
  • Buoyancy chambers guarantee unsinkability
  • Deck and draft surfaces are made of slip resistant corrugated sheet metal


HR – FFB 1100 E-SOL