FF B 640 RPA

  • FFB 640 RPA is designed for use on the sea, rivers and lakes. On the bow there is a descending ramp which enables easy entrance and exit of people and equipment. Its gentle V shaped bottom enables excellent maritime capabilities
  • Deck space of the boat is available for loading people, animals, different equipment and materials, transport eq. quads, bicycles or motorcycles and different merchandise
  • Bottom and inner walls are sheathed with slip resistant corrugated sheet metal
  • Boat is designed for propulsion by outboard engine with max. power up to 80 HP and max. load of 1450 kg
  • Option: higher engine power

Tehnical Characteristics

  • Hull length: 6,40 m
  • width: 2,32 m
  • Boat height without bow rails: 1,23 m
  • Draft under max. load: 0,32 m
  • Boat mass (without engine): 740 kg
  • capacity: 9 people
  • Steering: steering console with a wheel
  • engine power: 80 HP/58,8 kW (long shaft)
  • Project category: ”C”


  • Construction material: aluminium alloy for shipbuilding
  • Double bottom wall – additional reinforcement
  • Buoyancy chambers on bow and stern which guarantee unsinkability
  • Boats’ deck and bottom are made of slip resistant corrugated sheet metal
  • Safety rail along the boat enables better protection of people and merchandise during transport
  • Central steering console with a seat
  • Two compartments for equipment on the bow and two compartments for equipment on the stern


EN – FF B 640 RPA


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