FF B 450

  • Boat Flammifer FFB 450 is designed for flood rescue operations, for work of for recreational purposes
  • Its shape allows easy docking
  • Two buoyancy chambers ensure unsinkability
  • The boat is designed for propulsion by outboard engine with max. power up to 30 HP, which facilitate maneuvering in flooded areas and allow the transport of up to 6 people

Tehnical Characteristics

  • Hull length: 4,50 m
  • Length over all: 4,65 m
  • Width: 1,60 m
  • Height of the boat: 0,646 m
  • Draft under load: 0,22 m
  • Hull weight (without engine and equipment): 230 kg
  • Max payload capacity: min. 600 kg
  • capacity: 6 people
  • engine power: 10 KS / 7,35 kW
  • Recommended engine power: 30 HP / 22,1 kW


  • Construction material: aluminium alloy for shipbuilding, resistant to seawater (AlMg4.5Mn)
  • Two buoyancy chambers
  • Hard double ALU flat bottom
  • Boat`s decks and bottom are made of slip resistant corrugated sheet metal
  • Bottom reinforcements on the outer side for docking on inaccessible shores
  • Disassembling bench
  • These boats are harmonized with all requirements for rescue boats according to DIN EN 1914:2016 (inland navigation vessel) and according to DIN 14961 (boats for the fire brigade)


EN – FF B 450