FF B 670 E-SOL

  • FLAMMIFER FF B 670 is ecological, economical, energy sufficient and fast passenger boat with an electrical propulsion and integrated solar top
  • Boat has a propulsion of electrical outboard engine, and batteries are powered using solar collectors located on the hardtop and/or directly from electrical network. Electrical propulsion creates unique experience of sailing in silence, without any noise and vibrations with ZERO emission of harmful gases into the environment.
  • Boat is made of aluminium alloy intended for use in fresh water and sea
  • It has capacity for 13 people: 12 passengers + skipper. Depending on the demands and requirements of the client, it is possible to configure the seats as individual seats or benches.
  • Bow is specially adjusted for easy boarding and disembarking of passengers, with build-in handrails and a step for entrance into passenger space.

Tehnical Characteristics

  • Hull length: 6700 mm
  • Max. width: 2500 mm
  • Boat height without bow rails: 900 mm
  • Draft of empty boat with an engine: 350 mm
  • Total mass of empty boat: 800 kg
  • Max. capacity: 13 people
  • No. of people for handling: 1
  • No. of seats: 13
  • Steering: steering console with a wheel
  • Propulsion: electrical outboard engine 4 kW


  • Navigation console on the rear part of the boat is slightly elevated in regard to the passenger space – it enables the skipper excellent visibility and easy communication on the boat
  • Boat is unsinkable, it has hermetically sealed buoyancy chambers
  • Deck and draft surfaces are made of slip resistant corrugated sheet metal
  • Painting of the boat in accordance with the clients’ requirements is possible


EN – FFB 670 E-SOL


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