FF TB 2700/3500 – 2 Axels Boat Trailer

Trailers for transporting boats with 2 axles are available in 2 versions, depending on the maximum permissible mass.  Trailers, which largest permissible weight is 2700 kg, are intended for the transport of boats which length is up to 8.5 m and weight is up to 2175 kg. Trailers with a maximum permissible mass of 3500 kg can carry boats which length is up to 9.5 m and weight is up to 2720 kg. The axles are torsional and the chassis is hot-dip galvanized. The construction and equipment of the trailers are adapted to the boats, so they can be equipped with a winch, adjustable wheels, spare and support wheels, brake drum flushing system etc.


  • Winch with strap and hook
  • Set of wheels adjustable in height and width
  • Spare wheel
  • Trailer jack with wheel
  • Mudguard fender with mounting system
  • Mudflap for mud splash protection
  • Brake drum flushing system
  • Possibility of installing a crash and parking brake


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